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AMOW State Dart Tournament
February 15th - 19th, 2023
Best Western Platte River, Casper

- Qualifying games must be obtained in no less than eight (8) SEPERATE weeks of league play.

- 48 games are required to establish PPD and MPR, but known ability is still used in factoring placement at state. These games will be counted towards your 96 needed for Team Dart but 8 weeks is still required to qualify for AMOW state.


- 5 Player team max. Top 4 players on sign-up sheet ranked. Players may rotate at start of match only.


- Dream Team may consist of any 5 players from the same charter holder.

- Players must be sanctioned in Wyoming by a Wyoming charter holder and all league games must have been played in Wyoming.

- If a non-Wyoming resident, 100% of all games must be played in Wyoming under a Wyoming charter holder. Sanctioning to play matches under an NDA sanctioned league in any other state will make you ineligible for AMOW State Darts regardless of qualifications in Wyoming. This applies to all Residents and Non-Residents.

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